Providing a lifeline of welfare and support to fishermen and their families


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About Us

  • Our fishermen face danger, difficulty and poverty on a daily basis. However thanks to the Fishermen’s Mission, they’re not alone. When times are tough, we care for our active and retired fishermen in the most practical of ways – and have done so for over 130 years.
  • As the only national charity that works solely with fishermen and their families, the Fishermen’s Mission (formerly known as Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen – RNMDSF) offers financial, pastoral and spiritual support as well as a vital emergency response service.
  • We help fishermen who have been in an accident, are taken ill, face poverty, are bereaved or simply need someone to talk to. If you’re a fisherman and you need our help, please visit our Find my nearest page and get in touch. With your help, we can continue to care
  • Fishing remains the most dangerous peacetime occupation in the UK; that’s why fishermen need our support 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This support comes at a cost but with your help, we can continue to provide this lifeline effectively.
  • The Fishermen’s Mission depends upon gifts and legacy giving; we don’t receive government funding or lottery money. So if you’d like to help the many fishermen facing hardships, please donate today.