Our History


Our story of providing practical help and spiritual support to fishermen began well over a century ago.

In 1881, the Fishermen’s Mission (also known as the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen – RNMDSF) began its work by going out in a fleet of boats under the banner of ‘Preach the Word, Heal the Sick’ offering food and medical supplies.

We met with fishermen while they worked, trying to alleviate the terrible conditions on board.


Moving with the times

corin-3The fishing industry has undergone many changes over the years and the Fishermen’s Mission has always  responded accordingly.

We established large accommodation centres to provide a safe place for fishermen to rest or stay when their boats came in, often many miles from home. Some of these centres had more than 100 beds.

However, many fishermen now fish from their home ports or have sleeping facilities on board. So changing once again with the times, we now provide 24-hour ‘mini-centres’ with good facilities and welfare offices covering the coastline of the UK.

Staying true

Our strong tradition and proud heritage has seen us stay true to our Christian calling for over 130 years.

We care for our fishermen and their families in the most practical of ways whilst continuing to offer spiritual and emotional support, as well as maintaining our vital emergency response service.