A Local builder has been honoured for a totally selfless act of bravery.

On November 21 last year, Chrissy King witnessed the rescue by Martin Williams who had been working on a house on Neyland Promenade when he spotted a dramatic incident unfolding on the waterway.

In atrocious weather, Martin jumped over the railings on the promenade and ran the length of the beach jumping into a tender drifting onto Llanstadwell beach and went out to the middle of the Haven to save a pensioner who had got entangled in a rope attached to his dinghy.

Martin released the man and took him safely back to Neyland beach. From there, the man, who has not been traced since the incident, was taken to hospital suffering from hypothermia.

“It was a totally unselfish act by Martin with no thought for his own safety,” explained Chrissy

“I could hear cries for help and phoned the coastguard, but in the meantime, I saw Martin running to help.”

Chrissy continued: 

“As port officer for the Fishermen’s, I am invited by the Royal Humane Society to nominate anyone I feel who deserves an award for bravery. I saw a report about the incident and followed it up asking them to get in touch with Martin for me and get his details. After speaking with Martin, I has no hesitation in nominating him.”

On Wednesday night, a reception was held in Neyland Council Chambers, attended by Neyland and Llanstadwell councillors, including the Mayor, Clr. Margaret Brace, who presented Martin with his award.

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