A three part documentary series focusing on the lives of Cornish trawlermen – who battle bad weather, sharks and the very real danger of death to provide for their own families which started on Monday 5th January at 8pm and can be seen on ITV Player.

“you’re not right in the head if you go to sea. And sooner you realise that, the sooner you’ll be a fisherman.” – Scott Liddicoat, first mate of the Filadelfia trawler.

It also provides a vivid insight into how they  struggle to meet the expectations of their wives, girlfriends and children at home while they are away for a week at a time.

In the first episode, seasoned skipper Don Liddicoat is on the Filadelfia, a beam trawler, 40 miles off the Cornish coast in the Atlantic.

His four-man crew spend most of their lives at sea out of contact with their families, and working in all weathers. His son Scott is the boat’s first mate, but managing your own family has its challenges.

Many of the face in the documentary were also featured in Salt of the Earth which can be purchased by clicking here.


You can read more about the show on the Western Morning News by visiting their website here.

If you would like to watch the first episode of Trawler Tales you can do so on ITV Player