Our fundraising promise to you

Father and Son


  • We are all fundraisers at the Fishermen’s Mission, with plenty of enthusiasm and passion to support the vision of our charity
  • In our fundraising we will always maintain and promote the integrity that we share
  • We will never take you for granted and will continue to treat you with the utmost care and respect

We don’t receive any government or lottery support and so every gift is a blessing. Simply put, we can’t do it without you.

For every £1 we generate, 88p is spent on providing help and support to our fishermen and their families. The other 12p is spent on making sure that our staff team are well trained and equipped to deliver this support in the best way possible.


Make a difference

Together we can make the lives of fishermen a little less difficult. Donate today and find out more about how you can change everything for the incredible fishermen at sea and their loving families.