Up for a challenge? Want to amaze your friends?
Be a Fishermen’s Mission Superhero!

You don’t have to run a marathon, climb a mountain or jump out of a plane to be a Superhero for the Fishermen’s Mission. Just think of a challenge that will make your friends and family amazed and proud.

Fundraising at the Rugby

That may mean swimming the channel or a sponsored silence, a weight loss challenge, sleeping in your wellies, or growing a beard shaped like a fish! Wherever your imagination takes you, if it can raise funds for the Fishermen’s Mission, we want to know about it!

We’re here to help. You can chat through your plans with our fundraising team and get the practical help required with our sponsorship pack.

Call us for free on 0800 6341020 or get in touch by emailing Enquires@fishermensmission.org.uk or via our social media.