I remember meeting Barry one afternoon at the Royal Quays Marina, where his vessel was berthed. “Peter, the next 24 hours are critical for Kwesi,” were his chilling words.

Peter Dade, Fishermen’s Mission Area Officer in North Shields, always looks forward to renewing old friendships during the prawn catching season when up to 60 visiting vessels make the port their home.




This season Peter was called to deal with an emergency on the ‘Tonn Ruari’, a visiting boat from Northern Ireland. Peter takes up the story:

“Barry Magee, the skipper of the ‘Tonn Ruari’, called me in some distress. One of his crew, a Ghanaian fisherman called Kwesi, was very poorly and having difficulty breathing. Kwesi was rushed to hospital with suspected pneumonia and put on a ventilator.”

Peter liased closely with our Northern Ireland Fishermen’s Mission Port Officers, Lesley Hammond and Ingrid Perry, as concern for Kwesi grew on both sides of the Irish Sea. Peter continues:

“I remember meeting Barry at the Royal Quays Marina where his vessel was berthed. “Peter, the next 24 hours are critical for Kwesi,” were his chilling words. Kwesi had improved slightly but his oxygen levels were dangerously low. I promised Barry that we would pray for Kwesi’s recovery.”

Over the following days, prayers for Kwesi were raised at our weekly Fishermen’s Mission Prayer Call and at church services in North Shields and Northern Ireland… and thankfully our prayers were answered!

Barry contacted Peter with the news that Kwesi was off the ventilator and breathing on his own. There was still some way to go but he was out of the danger zone. Peter comments: “We are thankful to God and the wonderful health carers for Kwesi’s recovery. Barry and Kwesi’s crewmates and family were overwhelmed by the prayer and care we showed them and
Kwesi. Wonderfully, Kwesi recovered fully and arrived back in Northern Ireland for Christmas.”

When all seems bleak the Fishermen’s Mission can bring hope in the darkest days. Please support our work through your prayers and your gifts – they really do make such a difference.