“We never give up on our fishermen and their families – even if at first all seems lost.”

Meet the Dynamic Duo – Mark Kears and Tim Jenkins, our Fishermen’s Mission Port Officers in Lowestoft. When one of their clients appeared to be unreachable, Mark dropped a contact card at their last known address. Mark tells us why he wasn’t hopeful of a reply:

“The house was in a bad state of repair with windows boarded up, drains blocked and a wildly overgrown front garden. It appeared nobody could possibly be living in such a place.”

A little later Mark and Tim were astounded to receive a phone call from their long-lost client – Joan, a fisherman’s widow, who was still living in the house. The Dynamic Duo immediately made an appointment to visit and called at the house. Tim takes up the story:

“Stepping through the front door we knew things were as bad inside as outside. The front door was rotten and the suspended flooring had sunk and rotted away. The whole place was unsafe with bare electrics and dangerous cracks in the walls. The wind howled through the gaps in the boarded-up windows. We were appalled that someone had to live in such conditions.”

The local authority were contacted for help but its hands were tied with issues of probate relating to Joan’s late parents who had owned the house. Undeterred, Mark and Tim helped Joan engage a solicitor who dealt with the probate and registered the house in Joan’s name. Emergency grant funding was facilitated to secure the house, install new windows and make the electrics safe. Mark comments,

“Joan is so relieved to be warm and safe. We never give up on our fishermen and their families – even if at first all seems lost.”

Mark and Tim in Lowestoft need your support today to help fishermen and their dependants who find themselves living in the toughest of circumstances. Please donate now and the keep the Dynamic Duo in life-changing action!

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