The Fish Mish Online Advent Calendar 2020

From carols to storytelling, poetry to Christmas crafts..our staff, and some special guests, have recorded their contributions to our online Advent calendar.

Click on each day to view the fun festivities we have in store!

Keep an eye out on our social media as we will be sharing updates on what’s behind our Fish Mish Advent doors.

*If you click on a door and the calendar becomes a grey colour, suggesting that nothing is happening, scroll to the top of the webpage where you will find our festivities. The content behind each door will always appear up at the top of the webpage once the door is opened. 

All of our calendar content (after the doors have been opened) can be found below:


Click here to download your recipe card print out!
*Once you have downloaded & printed the card, fold along the white line in the centre, and voila!