Virtual Fundraising Ideas

It’s easy to feel helpless during this unsettling time. Being stuck indoors means people are unable to volunteer, attend fundraisers or plan local events like bake-sales to support the charities and causes they love. We’ve come up with some virtual and quarantine-friendly fundraising activities that can be done at home, and utilising social media.

We would love to hear from you if you have tried any of these ideas or have come up with your own so don’t forget to tag us and share your fundraisers with us on social media!


Get Crafty!

Virtual Craft Class Fishermen's Mission

Are you a creative soul? Get crafty and teach your friends and family a new skill like knitting card-making and more! Why not make it sea-side or fish themed? Your participants can use things around the house or order crafty supplies suggested by you ahead of time from online retailers that deliver. You can then encourage a donation to the Fishermen’s Mission by setting up a JustGiving donation page.

Utilise Your Daily Exercise


Walking a Marathon Fishermen's Mission

Going out each day for a jog, walk or cycle can be so uplifting at the best of times. Even more so while we’re all making a great effort to stay at home and stay safe. Moreover, this daily exercise could be a wonderful way to set yourself a goal and fund raise for those who really need our support during this difficult time. Why not set yourself a target of running a marathon over a period of time?

Virtual Mountaineer

Indoor exercise can be equally as exciting and a really good way of fundraising for charity. According to a quick google search, Mount Snowdon is only 475 flights of stairs- easy, right? There’s lot’s of information online about how to climb almost every mountain you can think of, like this blog on how to climb Snowdon at home: 

Yoga, anyone?

Virtual Yoga Fishermen's Mission

Why not gather a group of excited (or bored) friends in isolation and begin a virtual yoga pilates or martial arts class. You could live stream this on your Facebook or Instagram or use Zoom or other conference call services. You could even try Twitch which has a real-time donation service built in. Don’t forget to create a JustGiving donation page for your attendees.

Virtual Quiz

Virtual Quiz Fishermen's Mission

Why not hold an online quiz on Zoom, Skype, Teams or Houseparty and start a JustGiving donation page to encourage participants to make a small donation to join in. Don’t forget to take screenshots to share with us on social media!

Got a talent?

Virtual Gig Fishermen's Mission

Fancy yourself a performer? Chef? Poet? You live-stream yourself performing a virtual gig, virtual cooking class, gardening masterclass, poetry recital or whatever your skills may be. While we’re all staying home, the entertainment would be greatly appreciated!

What are you doing instead of commuting?

Commuter Book Club Fishermen's Mission

Get together with fellow colleagues on a group video call and fill your ex-commute time with something positive and sociable. Why not start a book club, Karaoke-sesh or recipe sharing group? On your JustGiving donation page, you can suggest that your colleagues spare a little portion of the transport money they’re saving through staying home to go towards The Fishermen’s Mission so that we can continue to support fishermen through this challenging time.

Let us know if you have an idea, and get in touch for support with your fundraiser. We would love to share your videos, live streams and posts on our social media to help you raise money and share your wonderful work!

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