We’re 4 lads from the Western Isles (Donnie MacLean, Kevin MacCormick, James MacDonald and Donald Peteranna)

In light of recent tragedies at sea firstly with the loss of the Louisa Crew and secondly the loss of Craig Reid only a few weeks later myself and the boys really wanted to help in some way. The Fishermen’s Missions came to mind, we hoped that whatever money raised would somehow help the families affected and others. Similar organisations have helped families in dark times including my own. We thought a head shave would be perfect no matter how vain some of us are! At the time of the idea coming to mind it left us with just over 2 weeks to raise money as I left Uist on Sunday for college. We created a Just Giving page (JustGiving.com/UistShave) and estimated a total of about £500. In less than 24 hours we had reached £1000 and were astonished. The donations kept coming in, even after the shave. Amazingly we raised £4860.00 as well as £704.82 Gift Aid. The shave (as well as an eyebrow or two getting trimmed) took place at the Borrodale Hotel in South Uist, a great night was had by all. We would like to say a very big thank you to all those who donated, outstanding.