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The Helston Charity Shop Story

In Helston town there was once a building called the Star Inn.  There was an entrance at the side of the building and horses and carts used to be taken through while their owners had some liquid lunch.   There are 3 floors to the building, it is thought that the top floor could have been possibly rooms for guests to stay during their journey.  We are waiting for the museum to open to get more information on this and will update the site as and when the information is available to us.

old Star Inn Helston Charity shop 1949

The photo of the pub was taken in 1949, since then there was an extension added to the back of the building in the early 1980s, we think, and the building eventually became the Job Centre.

In May 2019, the manager of the Fishermen’s Mission shop in Meneage Street was really struggling with the amount of generous donations to the shop, and began looking for somewhere bigger with good footfall, that would be able to tick all the boxes that the customers were looking for….

On April 14th, 2020, she finally got the keys, after almost a year of waiting and hoping.

Unfortunately, lockdown had begun, and the plans of the Community DIY SOS she had been planning disappeared.  During the week it was just her and a paintbrush, a few huge pots of paint and a radio, at the weekend, Jason King, her husband was the other half of the DIY SOS, and put up all the shelves, slat walling, built beach hut changing rooms, moved, made staging, and the list is truly endless.   Without him the shop would never have become what it has.

None of it however would have been possible without the generosity of the local businesses.

Pete Slinn and the Bradford team, for all the paint, shelving, wood, screws, last minute phone calls asking for help, (which still happen now a year later).

Liam and the Jewson’s team, for help with the wood for the window staging.

Sam Duckham and Travis Perkins for help with paint and yet more wood.

Jamie Birch for transforming the 1950s toilets for the volunteers.

Leedstown Timber for the last minute phone call for even more wood

Plumb Crazy for the worktop

Carpet Connection for the lino for the window

RNAS Culdrose for their support.

Thank you to the Helston Community for being so generous with donations and supporting us before, during and after our move.  And special thanks to each one of the volunteers that work in the shop.

We are now able to sort in a large open space and will eventually have a room with pretty dresses for all, preloved wedding/prom/bridesmaid dresses, flora day, mother of the bride.  The list is endless.  We are also able to offer a welfare room on the very top floor to fishermen to make appointments with our Superintendent for support and advice, or just a cup of tea while they are in the town.  This room was inspired by a homeless fisherman that was visiting our previous shop, looking for clothes he didn’t realise that we would be able to help him.  It was just a polite conversation that led us to be able to find him accommodation in 37 hours, just before Christmas.