Gifts in Wills are vital to the Fishermen’s Mission and often represent nearly half our total yearly income they enable us to reach out to people like Anna and her family.

Anna lives in a coastal village in Hampshire with her husband Mile and son Harry. Three years ago, and after a spate of violent storms, the fishing was poor. Mike was working long, unsociable hours for little catch.

Image credit: Unsplash

The family’s income soon plummeted. Even buying and paying heating bills become a huge struggle. Panicking about how the family was going to cope, Anna suddenly heard an announcement on the local radio about the Fishermen’s Mission and how its South Coast Outreach Programme could help fishermen and their families.

With rent arrears building up, and the threat of homelessness looming, Anna knew she had to act immediately. She called the Fishermen’s Mission and within days, our South Coast Superintendent, Nick O’Neill met with the family. Nick signposted them to the Seafarers’ Advice & Information Line (SAIL) for debt advice, gave them food vouchers and helped them apply for grants to cover bills and rental payments.

Anna told us: “Nick was a huge support and continues to stay in touch. It’s good to have that, although we are financially stable now and much happier”

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