Skipper James Noble

Filipino Fishermen, Michael Pulpul   and Jonito Antonio Junior:  lost at Sea

Filipino Fishermen, Romulo Rocha and Nixon Ocon miraculously survived.

Three lives were lost out of a crew of five from the Fishing Vessel “Ocean Way” FR 349 when she sunk on 2nd November 2014, 120 miles north of North Shields. The Fishermen’s Mission in North Shields was heavily involved, as was the Fishermen’s Mission in Fraserburgh, from the start to the finish, dealing with the incident and offering welfare, pastoral and financial help and support throughout

Julie Myhill, James’ fiancée says about James:

“He made me so happy and his crew and I were his family. He had just made steps to start a new life here in Newcastle. He was the most kindest, loving man anyone could meet.”

Julie organised a Charity fundraising night at the Tyneside Irish Centre in Newcastle on May 22nd this year “In Memory of James and his crew” the day after James’ birthday.  The evening was a tremendous success and included music, raffles and food.

The total money raised before and on the night was a tremendous £2,464.72! .

The proceeds of this event are to go to the Fishermen’s Mission North Shields and the Boulmer Volunteer Rescue Service (BVRS), nominated charity of RAF SAR Boulmer, who were involved in the Ocean Way Incident.

Julie Myhill will present these two charities with the funds raised, on Tuesday 9th June 2015 at 12 noon, on North Shields Fish Quay. Also present will be David Linkie, from the Fishing News, Andy Dixon, MD Caley Fisheries, North Shields and Nik Hanlon, North Shields Fish Quay Manager. Caley Fisheries North Shields, Caley Fisheries Fraserburgh, and North Shields Fish Quay were all involved in the Ocean Way incident and worked together with the Fishermen’s Mission and also the Apostleship of the Sea.

Superintendent Peter Dade of Fishermen’s Mission North Shields said he was “absolutely delighted” by the amount raised for both the Mission and BVRS and added that “James would have been proud!”

It was a celebration of his life and that of his crew.

Supt Peter Dade

Fishermen’s Mission

North Shields