From the 22nd June, grab your trainers and help us, the Fishermen’s Mission, on our virtual journey! We begin our trail in Newlyn, Cornwall, and head up for a grand 900 miles to Lerwick, Shetland. You can help us reach our goal during your daily exercise by tracking how many miles you cycle, walk, jog, dance, swim, sail, or hop – it all goes into the total! Watch our friendly fisherman mascot, Albert make his way along the trail thanks to a team effort and brilliant digital community spirit!

At the end of our collective 900 mile journey, to mark Fish Friday 3rd July 2020, we will be hosting a giant fish finger sandwich lunch on Zoom with guests including chefs Nathan Outlaw, Tom Brown and Jon and Caroline Cleave from Fishermen’s Friends with a few fun fish finger sandwich recipes for you to download and try at home!

Why join in?

The current Coronavirus has had a significant impact on many professions, including the fishing industry. Fishing is already one of the most dangerous and precarious professions, with many pre-existing challenges that are only exacerbated by this health crisis. The Fishermen’s Mission provides a lifeline for struggling fishermen and is the only national charity that works solely to help fishermen and their families. A pledge of as little as £1 for 1 mile could help chip into a weekly shop for a struggling family. At a time when we are unable to host physical fundraising events, it is digital fundraisers such as this that will help us help our fishing families through struggles, bereavement and ensure their physical and mental well-being.

Sign me up! How do I take part?

If you fancy turning your daily exercise into fun lockdown fundraising, you can take part in a number of ways. You can set up a fundraising page on JustGiving by clicking ‘Start Fundraising’ on the N2L campaign page. With your own page, you can set your mileage goal e.g. 20 miles in 7 days, and start collecting from friends and family by sharing your fundraising page on your Facebook profile, or other social media. Alternatively, use Facebook donations or your personal preference and we’ll log your donations into our total on Just Giving. If you feel you can’t manage that many miles, it’s not a problem! If you’d only like to pledge a couple of miles, donate £2 with a message ‘2 miles’ and we’ll add them to our total. And, of course, you’re welcome to donate without lifting a finger or toe, if you wish!


We want you to be as creative as you like, you can dress up as fishermen and walk 5 miles, or even walk backward if you like. It is all about having fun however you want to do it. Throughout the challenge, we will be putting nominations forwards for virtual medals so keep an eye out for the categories!

Fish Finger Lunch

On the 3rd July, The Fishermen’s Mission will be holding the biggest online fish finger sandwich lunch ever! 

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We welcome everyone to take part in the challenge and then join at the end for the great lunch where we have chef Nathan Outlaw and Tom Brown along to demonstrate their own take on the classic fish finger sandwich. If you can’t make the challenge, we would still like to have all our supporters join us on the lunch.

Get your fish finger sandwich ready!

The Fish Finger sandwich lunch will be run on Zoom and everyone is invited. To get involved we suggest a £3 donation and you get access to not just the lunch but FREE fish finger recipes from Nathan Outlaw, Tom Brown, and many more!

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Tesco supporting Fish Friday 2020


Donate and Fundraise

You can fundraise through JustGiving or donate in a number of ways, the grand total miles will all come together to help us reach our goal, so please use whichever platform you prefer! Click on a donate button below to chose a method of donation. **If you donate via the website, telephone, or another method, please reference N2L so that we can add your donation to our campaign total.