National Fish and Chip Day

Friday 4th September 2020 is National Fish and Chip Day! NEODA and the Fishermen’s Mission are delighted to announce that Fish & Chip lovers across the UK are coming together to celebrate the nation’s favourite dish and raise funds for the Fishermen’s Mission.

National Fish and Chip day is a fantastic event that brings together the very best of the industry, from the customer focusing shops handing over the golden supper to the fishermen bringing in the catch that they serve.

The Fish & Chip industry, as we know, is full of passion and it is incredibly humbling to see this passion culminate in a one-day event that not only increases awareness for this family favourite dish but also raises vital funds for the nation’s fishermen.

Fishing continues to be the most dangerous peacetime occupation with a one in fourteen chance of being killed at work, the funds generated through National Fish & Chip day allow the Fishermen’s Mission to continue to provide Welfare and Emergency services to our Fishermen and their families, so on behalf of the Fishermen’s Mission team, and on behalf of all our beneficiaries, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your incredible support during this event.

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  • Celebrate Fish & Chips
  • Raise funds for the Fishermen’s Mission
  • Let’s make National Fish & Chip Day 2020 the most fantastic ever!

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