📻 Fish Mish History Cast 📻 Episode 1

Posted on Friday 9th April 2021

📻 Fish Mish History Cast 📻 Episode 1

As the UK’s fishing fleet grew, mainly on the East Coast beside the North Sea, demand for a system to get fish to shore quickly grew too. A ‘fleeting’ system was developed by Samuel Hewett, where fast cutters transferred fish from vessels and quickly sailed with it to shore; allowing the fishing boats to go on working at sea.

Then came steam, which changed fishing once again. The introduction of steam rendered fleeting, and the fast cutters, mostly redundant. Steam vessels were able to store and transport their own catch to shore.

📻 Did you enjoy our first Fish Mish History Cast? This is episode 1 in a series of historic podcasts created for our 140th birthday 🎉…Stay tuned for the next instalment!


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