3 Alberts Take On Rusty Rex

Posted on Friday 27th April 2018

Take 3 guys, a rusty old vehicle and what do you get? A fundraising challenge! That’s what happened when Senior Superintendent Tim Jenkins came across the Rusty Rex Rally and knew he could use it to raise funds for the Fishermen’s Mission. We’ve had some of our staff and supporters take part in marathons, abseil down buildings and wing walking all to raise money for the Fishermen’s Mission, but never a four-day rally.

The Rusty Rex Rally is a four-day challenge to drive 3,500 miles across five countries with miles of laughs and hopefully no breakdowns from the start at Reims and the finish at Nice.

Tim, Andy and Nick are 3 guys who care passionately about the work they do. Tim comments, “This year we wanted to see how we can raise some money for the Fishermen’s Mission and when we came across the Rusty Rex Rally, we know this was the opportunity not to be missed. It’s something none of us have ever done before and we are a little nervous about it, but we are looking forward to the challenge and to raising loads of money for the Fishermen’s Mission!

You can donate to their page by clicking here.

As an organisation, we receive no government or lottery funding. We look after both current and retired commercial Fishermen and their families. In the last 10 years, 100 fishermen  have lost their lives doing the job they love, putting fish on our plates.