A Community of Care

Posted on Friday 28th December 2018


The words of Marian Dixon Fishermen’s Mission Superintendent in Kirkcudbright, a beautiful fishing port on the Solway Firth.

Marian is a trusted, friendly face amongst the fishermen of the Kirkcudbright Shellfish fleet. Often routine conversations can lead to helping fishing families in real need. For Marian this has included supporting a local lobster fisherman whose house had been made uninhabitable after a fire, to caring for an ex-fisherman struggling with serious illness.

Being at the heart of the community is also valuable in raising funds and awareness of the Fishermen’s Mission. In the small village of Borgue, Michelle, Martin and Luke Thomson, have incredibly raised £3,500 in their first two years at the Borgue Hotel. This is in continuing gratitude for the support received from the Fishermen’s Mission in North Shields after Michelle’s son Dan was lost at sea in 2010.

Working closely with fishing families means Marian is there when most needed.

Marian explains,

“This April, local fisherman John lost his fight against cancer. Having supported the family through John’s illnedd we, in partnership with other maritime charities, will endeavour to ensure that john’s wife Amanda and her young son Nico are given the best support possible.”