Albert, the mascot of the Fishermen’s Mission

Posted on Friday 11th May 2018

Albert, the mascot of the Fishermen’s Mission, North Shields Area and Hull outreach.

Albert, the mascot of the Fishermen’s Mission, has made his appearance at various ports and fishing related events in the UK. His bright yellow appearance is hard to ignore. Now, thanks to the very generous support of The Rothley Trust based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, who have been supporting the Fishermen’s Mission for nearly 30 years, North Shields Area have been able to purchase their very own mascot!

This will be used for outreach activities within the Hull and North Shields area. Albert’s first “official” appearance will be on Saturday 19th May 11am – 3pm in the Beacon Shopping Centre, North Shields. North Shields Fishermen’s Mission have a stall/display on the third Saturday of the month. Albert will be saying hello to all who visit and getting to grips with his new territory!

From experience over the years, this bright Mascot has proved to be:

An effective engagement tool for adults and children alike which help us to start talking to potential supporters of our work at public events such as The Blessing of the Fleet in Amble and our work with schools/events in Hull and North Shields.

A visual and appealing way to strengthen and underpin our brand identity and recognition at both private and public events.

A method of breaking down barriers at port and quayside-based events and initiatives where potential beneficiaries are to be found. This in turn will help us meet the unmet need we are aware exists in the region

A way to engage local press teams and encourage our inclusion in local media to help enhance our regional fundraising activity and raise awareness of our services for active and retired fishing communities respectively in both North Shields and Hull

Next year The Fishermen’s Mission in North Shields will be celebrating 120 years since it started in 1899. Albert will have a very busy calendar!

Now thanks to The Rothley Trust and a donation from a mission volunteer this is now a reality!