All taken care of

Posted on Wednesday 11th July 2018

On a typically cold January morning, Superintendent Steve Murray walks along the Peterhead harbour, meeting fishermen on their boats. He calls on the crew of FV Shalimar PD303, checking all is ok, chatting about the fishing and family, dealing with any needs the fishermen may have. Daily visits like this one build relationship and trust with the crew, some of whom are thousands of miles from home.

Steve comments,

“Fishing remain an inherently dangerous occupation.  These guys find themselves working in the harshest environment on earth. It’s a big busy port. We strive to not miss anyone needing help, caring personally for each one. Sometimes a fisherman far from home receives bad news and we become their family, support them in difficult times”

Steve works alongside Superintendent David Haggath at the recently refurbished Peterhead Centre. here, the fishing community can relax in the lounge or use the showers, kitchen and internet facilities. Christmas day 2017 saw a festive feast served for 89 foreign fishermen who would otherwise have spent the day on their fishing boats.

All taken care of

For Steve and David, no two days are the same. Sometimes their work is as unpredictable as the seas where the Peterhead boats fish.

Steve reports,

“We recently helped Dilip, a Sri Lankan fisherman who crushed his hand in an accident at sea. He has fingers amputated, losing the use of his hand. It’s unlikely he will fish again.

Our job is to reassure him and help him prepare him for the future. At the same time, away from the Port, we helped a 71-year-old retired fisherman who was left traumatised after a robbery at his home. Bobby is so thankful for the support of the Fishermen’s Mission. It’s about being a trusted friend to those close to home and those whose home is far away”

The vast scope of care provided by Steve and David in Peterhead can only happen with your support. Please continue your giving to fund this vital work.