Battered Brussels Sprouts Anyone?

Posted on Friday 22nd December 2017

Perthshire chip shop have a new way of preparing the love or hate vegetable. The award-winning Fish Bar is serving deep fried sprouts for Christmas and they’re going down a treat.

Manager Barry Morrison said: “This all started when we got an order for fish suppers from the local GP surgery

“Becayse it’s nearly Christmas, we wanted to do something a bit extra for them, something festive”.

“We had the idea of putting some brussels sprouts into the fryer to see what happened. I think it turned our really well, better than I expected”.

He said: “It was meant to be just a one-off for the doctors’ surgery but since then we’ve had a lot of interest from customers, so I think we’re going to have to out them on the menu over Christmas and New Year.

“It seems that people really do want to try them”

He continues “I think they might surprise some people. They’re not as greasy as people might think and all the water and moisture is kept inside.

“With a bit of salt and vinegar on top, they’re an ideal side dish.”

Staff are also serving up deep-fried mince pies, which raise money for the Fishermen’s Mission.