Flying Fish Relay Channel Swim

Posted on Monday 3rd August 2015

Kate an avid swimmer along with some of here friends have decided to challenge themselves and raise money for the Fishermen’s Mission including many other charities. The relay team from Flying Fish Seafood supply high quality fish to distinctive restaurants restaurants and hotels throughout the South and West of England. Their pledge is simple. ” We source the finest and freshest fish directly from Cornwall’s best fishermen and delivery it straight to your door.

The swim will take place during the window of the 19th to the 25th September 2015. Weather permitted. Kate saw one of her customers had achieved swimming the channel as part of a team and just knew that she has to give it a go! As she comes from a small fishing village called Looe in Cornwall, and work in the fishing industry selling fish, she thought the Fishermen’s Mission was the best charity for me to support. Fishing is one of the countries most dangerous jobs and not always for the best return.

Kate has set herself a target of £2,500 and has currently raised £1,700 with less than 2 months to go.

The swim is approx 21 miles. If you’d like to support Kate and donate you can do so by doing so on her             Just Giving page by clicking here.