How The Responsible Fish Scheme is changing the fishing industry

Posted on Thursday 11th February 2016

The responsible fishing scheme (RFS), developed by seafish, aims to raise standards in the fishing industry and is the only global standard that audits compliance on board the fishing vessels, including ethical and welfare criteria. It enables those within the seafood supply chain to demonstrate their commitment to the responsible sourcing of seafood.

Seafish initially launched the scheme in 2006 however, following recent slavery issues that have been reported internationally, have newly revised the scheme to include health and safety of the crew on board. Certification to the RFS requires an independent, audited assessment of the application of good practice by an individual vessel and its skipper and crew. The assessment considers these five aspects of the fishing vessel operation:

  • Safety, health and welfare
  • Care of the catch, including storage, handling, hygiene and quality management.
  • Training and professional development of the skipper and crew
  • Care of the environement use of selective fishing technology, reduction of discards, management of waste and discharge.
  • The Vessel and its mission meaning complies with all regulation regarding fishing gear, where it fishes, what it catches

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