Lost at Sea

Posted on Tuesday 29th March 2016

Superintendent Matthew Ramsey have been supporting the MacAlister family for nearly three years since their son Scott was lost at sea. Three years later, his body has still not been found despite their attempts to have the creel boat recovered from the bottom of the sea. It would give the family “Peace of mind ”to know one way or other if Scotts remains were still in the boat. The Fishermen’s Mission have been responsible for purchasing a plaque to be displayed on a picnic bench by the famous “Bridge over the Atlantic” near where Scott was lost at sea. Matthew goes and see the MacAlister family every time he goes to Oban. Last week Matthew was able to put the plaque on the table in honour of Scott MacAlister. Supt Matthew also attended a funeral last week of one of the family members who still raise money for the Mission 3 years on. It is amazing the support that we receive from this family.

We request everyone to keep the MacAlister family in your prayers.