Nathan Outlaw receives Charity’s highest honour

Posted on Friday 11th June 2021

‘The charity, in their 140th year, decided that Nathan would be awarded Honorary Vice Patron of the Fishermen’s Mission.’

Award winning chef, Nathan Outlaw, has been a keen supporter of the Fishermen’s Mission for over a decade. For many years he has raised substantial sums for the Fishermen’s Mission through campaigns and events often held at his restaurants.

Nathan said:

“People don’t realise the dangers fishermen face every time they go out on the sea to carry out their work, nor do they realise that many are self-employed so when things go wrong, they rely on The Fishermen’s Mission to support them both emotionally and financially.”

Regional Fundraising Manager for Cornwall, Julian Waring Said:

“Anything Nathan can do to support our charitable work, he will – from giving talks to fellow chefs about the charity to opening our Charity Shop in Helston, Cornwall. He understands the working environment of fishing, the demands on families. Nathan makes time to source the best products possible, so he gets to know the fishermen from whom he buys the fish.”

Recently at the virtual Annual General Meeting of the charity, the team, together with the volunteer Trustees were keen to recognise his dedication. The charity is in their 140th year and at this special anniversary it was decided that Nathan would be awarded Honorary Vice Patron of the Fishermen’s Mission. He joins his previous boss Rick Stein as Vice Patron. Her Majesty the Queen is the charity’s Patron.

“I remember meeting Nathan for the first time at the opening of our Charity Shop in Cornwall back in 2014 and commenting on how someone so young had achieved such high accolades. The level of his success is down to hard work and talent. His personable approach to business and to his community is admired by us all. He understands and empathises with fishermen and their families and sees the need when difficult times encroach on our lives such as storms, incidents, and the pandemic. Incredibly, together with his loyal team, he has contributed donations of over £50,000 in 10 years and champions our charitable work at any opportunity. On behalf of us all around the UK, we are delighted to recognise formally, Nathans contribution.”

Said David Dickens, Chief Executive of the Fishermen’s Mission.

Nathan continued to say:

“I am extremely honoured to be recognised with this award. I’ve always been mindful that without the fishermen, I wouldn’t have a business and my support for The Fishermen’s Mission over the years has been my way of giving something back.  With events over the past year or so, it’s true to say that, more than ever, the work of the Fishermen’s Mission is essential to the well-being of this community of men and women who risk their lives at sea every day so that we can have a plentiful supply of fish and seafood on our tables.  In the main, the general public has little knowledge of those risks, or of the difficulties often faced by the fishing community.  In the role of Honorary Vice Patron, I welcome the opportunity to continue supporting the work of The Fishermen’s Mission and spreading the word about this vital charity at every opportunity!”


Nathan Outlaw