No Adults Allowed

Posted on Wednesday 20th December 2017

The Fishermen’s Mission banned all adults from their pop up shop in Helston so children can get them a secret Christmas presents. The evening turned out to be a huge success where volunteers were also at hand to help with packing the presents. Santa had time to pop into, although making his entrance on a tractor her told us that Rudolf and co are getting ready for Christmas.


The idea came from shop manager Melinda King:

On Friday, it will be children-only in our pop-up shop. There will be small, interesting, personalised special gifts for them to buy got mums, dads, grans, grandads etc.

There will be plenty of stay to help them choose. We will wrap the gifts and the children can write their own labels. You will have a present especially chosen for you (as long as they can keep it a secret)

Thank you to all who attended and to the amazing volunteers who helped during this evening.