The Great Whitby Scampi Invasion

Posted on Monday 9th July 2018

The Norfolk coastal town of Cromer is renowed for its fabulous Cromer crabs, there is even an annual festival to celebrate the cute crustacean. The Cromer Crab and Lobster festival have been supporters of the Fishermen’s Mission for many years. However, this year, we thought we would try to make our mark on the festival by introducing a secret weapon… Whitby Scampi!

Fishermen’s Mission Lowestoft Senior Superintendent Tim Jenkins and East of England Fundraising Manager Andy Malcolm became overnight scampi gourmet chef’s to serve up this tasty delicacy to the crab-loving crowds. Ably assisted by Luke Richardson from Whitby Seafoods, the Scampi takeover was a success with nearly 200 portions of the World’s best Scampi being sold in aid of the Fishermen’s Mission. Andy Malcolm comments,

“Invading Cromer and taking on the crabs with scampi was a brave move but the two complimented each other perfectly!”

Crabs may still rule in Cromer… but Whitby Seafoods for the use of their Scampi Van and their wonderful support of the Fishermen’s Mission.