The Great Porthleven Auction

Posted on Thursday 9th February 2017

The Porthleven Baulk Auction consists of nearly 200 pieces of art created form the broken wood in Porthleven Harbour Defence. All the art in their innovative and unique forms will then be exhibited and auction with all the money being raised going to the Fishermen’s Mission.

We are going to give some examples below of the practical work of the charity you’ll be supporting, when you purchase an item at the forthcoming auction. On a daily basis members of the Charity; full time, part time and volunteers are in and around the ports and coves of the UK. They are getting to know and firming up relationships within the fishing community. This is an important part of the work, understanding where people are at and walking alongside them.

The Fishermen’s Mission’s (FM) aims. since it’s inception in 1881 are to provide welfare & emergency assistance. as well as promoting safety for the UK’s fishing fleet. Services are offered to families of fishermen, active and retired.

Case Studies:

A fishermen’s widow

Visiting fishermen’s widows are a daily part of the FM routine. A chance to sit and chat and at times provide practical assistance. Violet was suffering with severe arthritis and the FM acted as the welfare hub and co-ordinating with other agencies to provide practical items and improvements in the house to ease the pain of daily life.

Fishing family

A young family faced the terrible loss of their mother. The father just coping, working hard at sea, suddenly falls ill and is hospitalised for months. Fishermen are self employed and only earn when they work, that is when there’s a large enough catch of fish that then covers the running cost of the boat, harbour dues, repairs etc.. No work meant the savings were running out and with little family around, friends were looking after the children. After a few visits, there was an opportunity to discuss finances and the FM were able to put a case together. Then find funds by working with seafaring grant makers to pay the rent for two months, put money on the gas and electric, provide vouchers for shopping and vouchers for school uniforms. Enough to help until the welfare system caught up and the fisherman could return to work.

Fisherman found homeless

We met Jim homeless and suffering with a serious illness. It took a while to build up the trust until we could practically help assist with the paperwork to find a home. Again the FM acted as the welfare hub with other agencies to provide practical items such as white goods when he moved in. We still visit and enjoy a good catch up over a coffee.

We work alongside

  • Seafaring fund makers to provide life jackets for the fishermen around the UK
  • The NHS to run mobile health checks, the last showed that over 50% of fishermen needed to see their GP immediately
  • Emergency dentists, providing transport to the nearest emergency dentist for fishermen returning with tooth ache after a trip at sea
  • Referring fishermen and their families to specialist unit at Guys Hospital in London in order to get them fit and healthy again so they can return to work
  • Partners to provide physiotherapy
  • Fishing families to offer pastoral assistance in times of hardship and loss of life

The FM known for responding to emergencies and tragedies, supporting the family through dark times. We are able to offer more as long as it’s to the benefit of active and retired fishermen and their families. We are here on a daily basis, on emergency call to serve our fishing fleet, here to provide practical welfare support & Christian guidance where ever necessary.

For every £1 generated from the auction, 88p will be spent on providing the services to fishermen and their families.