Trawlermen Reunion

Posted on Friday 9th September 2016

Getting together with old friends and reminisce over a time when Grimsby was once home to the largest fishing fleet in the world.

This was our aim along with Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre. Some 200 ex-fishermen, their partners and friends from across the North East came together to swap stories of life at sea.

The reunion was held at the Grimsby’s Fishing Heritage Centre where guests had exclusive use of the centre with guided talks and refreshments and food for the evening was donated by Young’s Seafood.

The reunion was attended by the Mayor of the North East Lincolnshire, Christina McGilligan-Fell, and she said she was honoured to have been invited to an event which celebrates the people who put Grimsby on the world map for fishing.

“This is camaraderie, this is community and this is more than just a celebration of what all these people have done for this town,” she said.

“These are our roots and the town will be forever indebted to these people.”

It is a real honour to have been invited here and I can assure you that you feel quite noble when you walk into a room with these people.”

Video by Grimsby Telegraph