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Posted on Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Free eye test and glasses for fishermen

SightFit has been re-launched as of the 1st July, do get in touch for your free eye test via the details below.


As you know all too well, the sea can be an unpredictable place. Don’t make it even more unpredictable by going out to sea with imperfect vision. You already have one of the UK’s toughest and most dangerous jobs, so don’t be one of the 14 million people in the UK who fails to have a regular eye test.

In partnership with Vision Express, the Fishermen’s Mission has received funds from Trinity House to provide a free eye test at one of nearly 600 stores across the UK.

If the test shows you need glasses, you are entitled to a free frame and prescription lenses from the Vision Express £39 range.

Alternatively, Vision Express will give you £45 off a pair of prescription glasses from any other range. You can also choose to upgrade your frame or lenses by paying the difference.

To find out more please contact Carol Elliott or Sophie Davies on                    01489 566 910 / 07486319621 Or email: or