Writing and Maths @ Sea

Posted on Monday 2nd November 2015

Get to where you want to be with Marine Society’s new courses Writing@sea and Maths@sea. Get to grips with the fundamentals of written English including report writing, formal letters and grammar essentials, as well as functional maths, it also covers algebra, geometry and trigonometry.

 Writing@sea helps you to

– Organise ideas and express them with confidence

– Draft written reports, letters and email

– Identify common mistakes made with apostrophes, spelling and punctuation

The course is authored by a specialist English tutor with a wealth of experience as an external assessor for the main examining bodies. It’s hosted and promoted by the Marine Society which aims to be the first in learning and personal development for seafarers.

 Maths@sea helps you to

Maths@sea is an e-learning course in Maths where feature of the programme have been written by professionals in nautical education and the entire programme is marine based – it uses relevant, nautically-flavoured examples and language.

As well as functional Maths, it also covers elementary aspects of algebra, geometry and trigonometry.

The award-winning course intuitively leads students to apply basic yet key maths concepts without them realising they are doing so.

For more information please contact Marine Society by visiting their visit www.marine-society.org and mentioned The Fishermen’s Mission or clicking on the links below.