Young Superintendent in the making

Posted on Tuesday 26th May 2015

We received these wonderful pictures from Superintendent John Anderson of his grandson’s 1 year birthday. It seems like he’s already looking to become part of the Fishermen’s Mission.

“ Here I am sitting in the boat my granddad (Supt John Anderson Brixham) built me for my Christmas. I think he is trying to start me on the fund raising route early? If not why is he giving me this ‘wee’ man as a crewman? The company in my boat is very welcome. On the day I had loads of presents but poor ‘Albert’ was admired but unfortunately remained empty. I will need to try harder.”

“If I pull his chain what happens? All the other toys I got on my 1st birthday move or play music. My granddad (Supt John Anderson Brixham) built this boat for me last Christmas. As a crewman ‘Albert’ isn’t doing anything but has attracted loads of admiring comments. I like him too as it is always company in my dingy. Mum is longing to take us to the boat club and on the water. I hope they will like ‘Albert’ down the boat club and granddad might get some pennies for the Fishermen’s Mission.”