Kenny has been in post for a year and has made it his mission to meet as many fishing communities from Aberdeen to Fife this ex-fisherman is passionate about providing whatever support is needed whether practical, spiritual or financial. Sometimes that can take a man out of his comfort zone as Kenny explains,

“It’s been an amazing year with all sorts of challenges. I have organised the redecoration of retired fisherman’s home, choosing the paint and the wallpaper. Thankfully I also arranged a decorator so had no need to wield the paintbrush myself!”

Shopping for a complete wardrobe of clothes for a retired fisherman was also a task for Kenny this year but underlying these everyday roles is a crucial theme. Kenny explains,

“Our aim is always to show our beneficiaries that we wholeheartedly care for every aspect of their lives. It may start with a request for practical help, such as providing a new cooker but often develops to more personal and emotional needs as the relationship grows.”

Often the retired fishermen Kenny meets are lonely and isolated and the simple act of sharing a coffee and a chat to show someone they are not forgotten.

Although the fishing industry in Aberdeen is now virtually non-existent a large number of retired fishermen and their families remain. Kenny has covered many miles over the last twelve months, becoming a trusted a friend to many along the Aberdeen coastline. Kenny also supports active fishing communities south of Aberdeen in Angus and Fife. Here he worked alongside Superintendent Peter Donald who has recently retired and will be greatly missed.

Powered by an army of Aberdeen volunteers and sheer hard work, Kenny’s first year in the Fishermen’s Mission has been a real success. Kenny comments,

“It’s been a whirlwind year but I thank God for how he has helped me meet and serve so many wonderful people”

Thank you, know that your prayers and gifts mean Kenny is our man for all seasons on the East Coast of Scotland.