We’re here when our fishermen need us most: in an emergency

Leaving Peterhead courtesy of D Linkie

Emergency support

Fishing remains the most dangerous peacetime occupation in the UK. Every year, an average of 15 fishermen are killed or seriously injured and 45 boats are lost.

So when crisis strikes, the Fishermen’s Mission will respond to a call for help – 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Last year we helped 123 fishermen after an emergency at sea.

If you’re a fisherman or a family member and you need emergency help, please visit our Find my nearest page.

Our emergency support

Rescued at sea, involved in an accident or taken ill while fishing; whatever crisis fishermen face, our port staff provide vital emergency response services to the injured and shipwrecked.

It can mean waiting at night for the boat to come in and staying with the fishermen in hospital until their family arrive.

Or if a boat is lost we provide warm clothes, a hot drink and the security of a bed for the night, to help fishermen cope with the shock. We also provide financial and pastoral support to the bereaved and distressed.

Show your support

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