Whether it’s financial assistance or emergency help; in times of need, we’re always within reach for fishermen and their families.

The Fishermen’s Mission cares for those who go out to sea to bring back the catch and those who wait for their safe return. We do this by providing practical support and a listening ear for both active and retired fishermen.

We understand



Helping fishermen’s families

We’re the only national charity that works solely with fishermen and their families. That means we understand fishing, the needs of fishermen and the ups and downs of a fishing community.

We’re compassionate

We know that many fishing families have lost a loved one to the sea and we understand their grief and pain. The Fishermen’s Mission family is there to provide emotional support, compassion and friendship for as long as they need us to – from day one to the years ahead.

A widow helped by the Fishermen’s Mission said, “The Fishermen’s Mission was my lifeline. They stayed with me all the way. They arranged for financial support, helped me with forms and letters. They stayed with me for hours, listening to me talk, helping me through.”

We help practically

When fishermen and their families hit tough times, we provide a wealth of practical support – from a cuppa and a heart to heart, to help with the benefits system.

Here are some of the ways we help:

  • Immediate financial assistance for rent, food, utility bills, school dinners or school uniform
  • Emergency response to injured, ill or shipwrecked fishermen, 24 hours a day, every day of the year
  • Emotional support during bereavement, family breakdown or emotional difficulties
  • Preventing poverty among retired fishermen and their families by helping with the benefits system and sourcing long-term grants
  • Combating loneliness and isolation by making home and hospital visits and arranging group activities.

Help us to help fishing communities

With your support, we can continue to reach out to fishermen and their families when the worst happens. So please donate today.