Band of Brothers – JollyRoger



JollyRoger is set to release its newest single ‘Band of Brothers’ on December 9th 2022. The song is a story of loss in the fishing community and was written by Dorian Arnold who is the Aunt of JR’s Mandolin player / vocalist – Sammantha. It describes the heartbreak of people not returning from sea and tells the tale of those left behind with delicate acoustic guitar moving to an emotive and powerful electric guitar solo, reminiscent of ‘Zombie’ by the cranberries. Dorian Arnold (the songwriter) holds the subject matter very close to her heart, she says: ‘Throughout the ’90s, I dated a Newlyn man, an ex-fisherman, & I spent a lot of time with the close-knit fishing community there. The loss of the Margaretha Maria with all 4 of its crew haunts me still, & I am reminded of those sad days every time I hear a news report of another missing boat somewhere off the shores of the UK. Those lost boats, their crews, the grieving families & friends are what inspired me to write this song.’

The music video features Jolon Williams, whose father was one of the lives lost on the Margaretha Maria, and will be released alongside the single. JollyRoger are working with the Fishermen’s Mission to donate all physical and digital download sales to their cause of supporting fishing communities throughout the UK.

Downloads will be available once your payment has been made.