Voices of Cornwall Vol 2


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This Voices of Cornwall Vol. 2 limited edition box-set consists of two CDs totaling over 2 hours of captivating Cornish storytelling and songs the entire family can enjoy. Gather round the hearth, enjoy the best bards, male voice choirs and musicians as they weave a tapestry of sound inspired by the shifting tides, the landscape and the ever changing light of Cornwall.

The bonus cd is a Christmas collection of traditional heartwarming Cornish holiday tales, poetry and songs. Ralph McTell donated his beautiful New Year’s song ‘The Things You Wish Yourself’ to the project. The cover art was donated by the fabulous John Dyer.

So kick back and enjoy the timeless Voices of Cornwall and support the Fishermen’s Mission. Win! Win!

Volume 1 is available here

“Here we have over an hour of classic carols performed by Cornish choirs from around the world as well as timeless Christmas stories. At Christmas, time singers emerge from all over to gather in pubs and clubs to sing their special local carols, following a tradition recorded over 200 years ago. There is nothing as uplifting and cheering as voices raised in harmony when another much-loved carol strikes up” – Linda Collins

Each purchase helps support fishermen, women, and their families across the UK; through everything from mental health problems, bereavement, and financial stress.