The Fishermen’s Mission is in partnership with Country Garden Roses will be launching a beautiful rose the public to purchase through Country Garden Roses.

The eye-catching colour of the Floribunda Rose blooms, vary from yellow-cream to pure white through the growing seasons, and even starting off with a red tinge to the buds, creating a truly marvelous display all summer long, Making it a wonderful choice for a remembrance flower or simply as a gift for a rose lover. A donation from each sale of the rose will be given to the Fishermen’s Mission.

Fisherman's Mission Rose (002)

Before launching the rose on 14th February, we need to christen the rose with a truly deserving name and have decided to open this to the public to assist, the name can be associated with the mission, fishing, the sea or a sentiment. Please email or tweet your suggestions to the Fishermen’s Mission for your chance to win one of these beautiful flowers and to help contribute to providing a lifeline to fishermen and their families.

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