Salty Cove: a New Fundraising Book from Mevagissey

A chance to have your name printed in a new Cornish book for the Fishermen’s Mission

“Salty Cove” is the working title of the third in a trilogy of beautiful books celebrating the Cornish fishing industry. Due to be released in June, Salty Cove follows the successful 2014 title “Salt of the Earth” by David and Jan Penprase which featured a moment in history of the Newlyn fishing community. This was followed in 2017 by “Sea, Salt and Solitude” by Chris Hewitt and Deborah Richards which focussed on North Cornwall. Salty Cove is a collection of professional black and white portraits of those connected to the Mevagissey fishing industry and their accompanying life stories. It is a living piece of social history, dedicated to the unique, amazing and hard-working people from this beautiful part of Cornwall.

Salty Cove is a creative fundraiser in aid of The Fishermen’s Mission. Julian Waring, Fundraising Manager for the charity says:

“This book is three years in the making and reflects the energy of our dedicated volunteers in Mevagissey who have kept this project alive during the hard times of restrictions. It all started with a conversation with Lauren Brokenshire, a resident from Mevagissey.”



Lauren comments:

“The Fishermen’s Mission is close to my heart, coming from a fishing family. I’ve been a fundraiser for this charity for many years now and I can’t thank the Mevagissey team enough for their dedication to Salty Cove and making my vision a reality”.

Our volunteer photographers Matt and Sally, along with writers Barbara and Jill, have spent many long days, come rain or shine, taking images and recording stories to create this unique coffee table book, bringing to life the fishing community of Mevagissey.


Volunteer writer Barbara Hocking said:

“This wonderful book will tell the story of the second largest harbour in Cornwall; it holds dear for one and all the many generations of fishing families in this close community. The personal social histories of families past and present will come to life off the pages, both written and photographically. It holds time still, speaking of what Cornwall prides itself on in being a welcome port in a storm to sailors and visitors alike and why it’s held worthy of preserving, just as it is, for the future. Kernow bys vyken!” (Cornwall for ever!)

Everyone has volunteered hundreds of hours to make this project a success. We are delighted to say Salty Cove will be printed in Cornwall, with the only costs being in the formatting and the printing.

The Salty Cove book is now available to purchase by clicking on the link below.

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