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The Sightfit eye test scheme has now come to a close.

In Spring 2020, along with our delivery partner, Vision Express and funder, Trinity House, the Fishermen’s Mission launched the new Sightfit Project, offering free eye tests to UK fishermen and subsidised glasses.

The sea can be a dangerous place so the project aim was to help our hardworking fishermen reduce risk to themselves and others by going out to sea with imperfect vision.

After nearly 70 vouchers issued and some great new learning, the project has now come to a close

If you were issued a voucher in October, you will still be able to use it right up until its expiry date in January 2022.

If you are issued a voucher up to the last day in November 2021, this will also be valid until its expiry date in February 2022.

From the end of November 2021 we will not be issuing any more vouchers so please take the opportunity to benefit from the project over the next 4 weeks!

Any questions about Sightfit please email Sophie

at the Fishermen’s Mission’s Head Office or call her 07901 673148.