Spring Network

In this issue of the Network, we look at a devastating fire that ripped through the heart of the fishing community in Cove Bay, Aberdeen. How Mission Superintendent Karen helped a fisherman in Troon. Our team in Kilkeel providing hope and restoring faith and we unveil our Nation Fundraising Campaign for 2019 ‘Catch of the Day’.

  • Lost in the Flames
  • Brian’s Legacy Lifeline
  • Providing Hope, Restoring Faith
  • Catch of The Day

The gentle rocking sway as the swell buffers the boat. The all-pervading aroma of sea air, diesel and baited pots. The ropes hissing and smacking as they spool across the deck releasing the creels to the deep. The seagulls bobbing and waving above as the sun glistens across the inky seas.  











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