Into the Unknown

For this issue, we look at how you can own a limited edition Floribunda rose and how you can own one. How Super Seasalt have supported the Fishermen’s Mission by raising over £70,000 and how the fishermen of Fraserburgh can freshen up in our centre. We will also look at how we look after our retired and active fishermen by being their rock and constant friend through difficult times.

In this Issue:


The Fisherman’s Rock

Fishermens rock When Fishermen fall on hard times the effects are felt by the whole family. A scarcity of fish and atrocious weather has meant that fishing on the South Coast has been particularly difficult.

Dear Sir/Madam

I am just writing to express my gratitude and say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot express in words how much Nick O’Neill (your south coast officer) helps me and my family out, the man has a heart of gold and has been there for my family and me through these very difficult times. He has been a rock for my fiance and 2 little girls, I can’t thank Nick enough for everything he does for my family, he is always there for my three girls, it is so good of the mission and Nick to always be on the end of the line, and his support for me and my family, emotionally, and financially should be commended. I can’t thank you and your staff enough for helping financially for met little girl’s school trip as money is obviously tight with me not at sea (where I belong). So, from me and my 3 girls a very big thank you. Nick O’Neill deserves a medal for his compassion and dedication to all the fishermen on the south coast, thank you, kind regards, Andy. Read more

The Story of a Constant Friend

constant friendKilkeel, Northern Ireland, A Saturday night in September. As midnight approaches Fishermen’s Mission Superintendent Lesley Hammond receives a call from a Filipino fisherman. One of his crewmates, Jory, has fallen overboard. Read more

Carried on the Tide…

Fishermen’s Mission Superintendent in Eyemouth, Claire McIntosh reports…

It’s mid-January 2016. This is my first day on the job as superintendent. I’m on the harbourside at Seahouses. The freezing rain lashes down and a wild, biting gale blows me almost off my feet… a mere glimpse of conditions my fishermen endure every day of their working lives. Read more

Sweet Smelling Fishermen!


sweet smellingDays spent on a fishing boat handling salty ropes and seaweed covered nets, fish bait, and guts, can produce its own unique aroma for our fishermen. Here at the Fishermen’s Mission, we care for the whole person, mind, soul and most definitely body! Read more




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The Fishermen’s Mission takes care of the families of men lost at sea. But we need your help if we are to continue to offer bereaved families the financial and emotional support they need.