St Ives Calendar 2018

How does a professional photographer from Cheltenham, end up creating a calendar about St Ives Fishermen? Well Chris Boulton started visiting friends in St Ives and was immediately drawn to the people and natural beauty of Cornwall. He took a photo of fisherman, John Whit, last year. Then posted the photo onto the “Love St Ives” Facebook site and was encouraged by many who enjoyed the composition and quality of the image, to then make a calendar. Chris loved the idea and set about making plans to come back to Cornwall in between his busy schedule of photo assignments, both here in the UK and throughout Europe.

With the help of local friends, he went out to sea with the St Ives fishermen who were happy to take part. “I have to admit after spending 3 days with these characters, (the fishermen) that I have a fond affection for them all. Chatting and listening to their stories, they couldn’t have done more to help me.” Chris got in touch with the Fishermen’s Mission after hearing about their work from the fishermen and decided that all proceeds from this calendar should go to them “they have always been there for fishermen in times of crisis” explained Chris.

The calendars are available at £5 with all proceeds going to the Fishermen’s Mission and this can be purchased by clicking the link below.

To purchase the calendar please >>click here<<

*** Calendars will be posted from the 11th September 2017***

Chris Boulton, the photographer – click the following; Enter Site, Latest and then on the icon image of the Fishermen’s Mission

For further information contact Julian Waring at the Fishermen’s Mission 01736 363499 or 07917 754349