The Coronavirus outbreak has had a devastating impact on people’s lives and livelihoods in the UK over the last 2 years. The Fishermen’s Mission is determined to keep pace with demand on our welfare outreach services to help those who still need support.

Emergency grants to put food on the table for a struggling family, advice on where to go for help with debt issues or how to access government benefits – these are all real examples of how we’ve been helping hundreds of families in fishing communities still reeling from the effects of the pandemic and experiencing further hardship due to soaring inflation.

With life in the UK subject to so much fast-moving change, the Fishermen’s Mission has come to appreciate and value every penny it receives via gifts in Wills, no matter how large or small. More than ever before, this special way of giving plays a vital part in allowing us to literally transform peoples’ lives for the better.


For more information on leaving a gift in your Will, or to order your FREE legacy booklet, please call Sophie, in complete confidence, on 01489 566922/07901 673148 or email

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