Warwick test page

Warwick was born into a family of professional artists that go back several generations on both parents’ sides… including Helen Cantelo RA 18th Century (Royal Academy of Art). His father sold to 3 Presidents, Hollywood stars and bought up the whole family on art. Warwick’s godfather was artist Ken Bright, head of art Goldsmiths College London.

Before he was allowed a career in art his parents made him do a degree in Science, so he opted for Geography as seemed the least scientific! That done it was off to the Heatherley School of Fine Art Chelsea! The combination of art and geography had however proved fortuitous as Warwick was selected as the Official Artist for Operation Raleigh and later Raleigh International by Colonal John Blashford Snell OBE! He was dispatched on 3-month expeditions worldwide to paint and promote the work for ten years painting everything from Orangutans in Borneo to hammerhead sharks underwater in West Indies! His strangest endeavour was climbing and painting the dawn on the highest peaks in Malaysia Mount Kota Kinabalu in a three-piece suit!

Warwick, in turn, painted for three Presidents too including Ronald Reagan and Nancy after their visit to the Queen. His other brush with royalty was doing a painting for Prince William on his expedition to Chile where he met Kate on the same expedition in the fiords and ice masses of South America. This commission followed Prince William to college rooms at University at St Andrews!

Warwick paints ever thing from pub signs to portrait to seascapes and wildlife. I was honoured to do Simon Westons picture for his mum after the Falklands explosions, and a picture of a pig for the Emperor of Japan and his wife.!

It was a joy to be asked to paint this for the Fisherman’s mission as I have seen how hard they work and in uncomfortable conditions. I was kidnapped by a fisherman in 1987 from off my New Zealand Raleigh expedition and dragged out to sea to paint their fishing boats. Many paintings and boats later they returned me by helicopter with two sacks of crayfish to feed the expedition!

When not painting Warwick started and ran the Hovercraft Museum, Lee on Solent for thirty years. I couldn’t see how to make the fish into a hovercraft so opted for the submarine. I have called it “Looking for their next catch” as they explore the deep. The Submarine Museum at Gosport would be ideal to show “my fish” as have one of my first official portraits when I painted the first Sea Lord Sir John Fieldhouse, famed for his leadership during the Falklands war. I saw him for just the once and he then promptly died so had to finish it from photographs! It was unveiled by his late widow lady Fieldhouse who exclaimed his hair was the wrong grey! Today Warwick is planning on moving to France to run a painting retreat for budding artists