Our Supporters

We helped 786 widows, met with 3,300 fishermen and helped fishermen access grants totalling £878,335 last year because of you; so this is where we say ‘thank you’ and put our supporters in the spotlight!

Our important work is only possible because of you. The Fishermen’s Mission is deeply grateful to every one of our devoted friends and corporate supporters across the UK.

Your generosity ensures our Mission Port Officers are there when fishermen and their families face times of need – 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

If you’d like to become a corporate supporter, we’d love to welcome you into the Fishermen’s Mission family. Please just get in touch by emailing fundraising@fishermensmission.org.uk or calling 01489 566910.

Supporters in the spotlight!

Here are just some of our wonderful corporate friends who provide invaluable support:


Fishers Gin

Handcrafted in Aldeburgh, between the sea and the salt marshes, Fishers infuses foraged local herbs and coastal botanicals that captures some of the wild and forgotten flavours of the English coastline. Our founder, Andrew Heald, whose family has lived and worked in and around this small costal town was inspired to capture the unique character and natural beauty of the local landscape. It’s this rich heritage of life untamed that we’ve captured with Fishers Gin. Together with James Firth, our botanist, they worked together to revive ingredients long thought extinct. Fishers is unique and a true reflection of the authentic English coast

Fish Works
Fish Works is an award-winning London restaurant group, with locations in Swallow Street and Marylebone

FishWorks is an award winning London restaurant group, with locations in Swallow Street and Marylebone doing what they do best – sourcing, preparing and serving the freshest and best seafood in town. they believe the secret to perfect seafood is cooking it simply and seasonally. Work closely with their suppliers, talking directly with fishing boats and South Coast fish markets who deliver the freshest catch daily.

FishWorks are fantastic supporters and donate £1.00 from the “Zuppa del Pescatore” dish on their menu to the Fishermen’s Mission.

Seafarers UK
Seafarers UK is a charity that help people in the maritime community

Seafarers UK is a charity that helps people in the maritime community, by providing vital funding to support seafarers in need and their families.

Seafarers UK has donated money to the Fishermen's Mission and our projects which have helped us make a real difference in people's lives across the fishing industry. Last year Seafarers UK gave grants totalling nearly £2.5 million to more than 70 maritime welfare charities and organisations.

Trinity House
Trinity House deal with safety of shipping, and the wellbeing of seafarers

Trinity House deal with the safety of shipping, and the well-being of seafarers, have been our prime concerns ever since Trinity House was granted a Royal Charter by Henry VIII in 1514 and have supported the Fishermen's Mission for many years.

Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society
The Society provides financial support to retired or permanently disabled seafarers and their widow/partners in cases of need

The society was founded in 1839 and continue to provide financial support to retired or permanently disabled seafarers and their widow/partners in cases of need. With a volunteering network of over 200 honorary agents throughout the British Isles, the society handles several hundred new applications for assistance each year and distributes over £1 million in dealing with over 2,500 cases.

The Fishmongers’ Company

The Fishmongers’ Company is one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London, and among the most ancient of the City Guild. For over 700 years, as well as fostering the fellowship among their members, they have upheld standards in the trading of fish and shellfish and supported the fisheries industry.

Merchant Navy Welfare Board
Merchant Navy Welfare Board, support the provision of quality welfare services for seafarers and their dependants

Merchant Navy Welfare Board, support the provision of quality welfare services for seafarers and their dependants. They also help to improve the effectiveness of all those charities caring for merchant seafarers, fishermen and their dependants and this is done irrespective of nationality, religion or ethnic background.

The Sailors Children’s Society
Providing help & support to children of seafarers

Families come to The Sailors Children’s Society after a traumatic event such as bereavement, diagnosis of terminal illness or the breakdown of a marital relationship. They provide ongoing support for the children until the family is again self-sufficient or until the children have left full time education. All the families we help are in a means of tested benefit which ensures we only help those in most need.

Dorset Community Foundation
Dorset Community Foundation primarily work with individuals donors and corporate

Dorset Community Foundation primarily work with individuals donors and corporate donors to help them create charitable funds that reflect their personal values and interests. They do this by providing expert philanthropy advice and an independent insight into the social issues and causes they care about.

Cornwall Community Foundation
The Cornwall Community Foundation aims to improve the lives who are isolated, disadvantage and vulnerable.

The Cornwall Community Foundation is an organisation that aims to improve the lives of others in Cornwall, those who are isolated, disadvantage and vulnerable.

As a foundation, they have the expertise and local knowledge to help donors support the local causes and charities they are about, enabling them to make an impact through their giving. they identify issues of importance to our donors and award small grants to grass roots, front line, volunteer led organisations on their behalf – making a real difference to people’s lives in across Cornwall.

The Fishwives Choir

In August 2013 The Fishwives Choir launched their first single, totally in support of the Fishermen’s Mission. The Fishwives Choir was formed by Jane Dolby following the loss of her fisherman husband, Colin, at sea. The Fishermen’s Mission supported her, her children and the wider family. Jane said, "I could never have survived without the Fishermen’s Mission. They were there for me in my darkest hour.

Duncan Lucas
Passionate About Fish

Duncan and Sue Lucas are great friends to the Fishermen’s Mission. "It’s a pleasure to support the Fishermen’s Mission throughout the year with many events from seafood festivals to large demonstrations or auctioning our fish displays," Duncan said. "Every penny that Sue and I raise supports the people that actually go out to sea and risk their lives. I encourage everyone to pull together to help the Fishermen’s Mission."

Sea Salt
Joint Managing Director, Seasalt

We have a close affinity with the Fishermen’s Mission with many of our shops in towns with strong fishing communities and traditions. We’re really pleased to raise money for them and we’re looking forward to seeing how much more we can help.

Frankie’s Fish and Chips
Manager of Frankie's Fish and Chips

It was a brilliant event and Frankie’s management and staff are delighted with the support we received from the local community. This has enabled us to donate to the Fishermen’s Mission, which provides so well to the men who risk their lives every day in order for us to have delicious local fresh seafood on our menus.

Fish Friday sponsors since 2011

We are proud to have Tesco as sponsors of our National Fundraising Day, Fish Friday. Every Fish Friday since 2011 Tesco have donated a proportion of their Counter Sales to the Fishermen’s Mission. Fish Friday also sees the fresh fish counters at many Tesco stores with spectacular displays and the staff in fishy fancy dress to make is a fun filled fabulous Fish Friday. Many thanks to Tesco for their amazing continued support.

Rick Stein
The Fishermen’s Mission Vice Patron and Restaurateur

Working as a fisherman is a dangerous and lonely job. The Fishermen’s Mission makes sure it knows the hardship fishermen and their families face and therefore exactly how to help them.

Nathan Outlaw
2 Michelin Star Chef and Owner of The St Enodoc Hotel, Rock, Cornwall

I'm really pleased to be able to support the work of The Fishermens' Mission and grateful to our customers who were willing to give to this worthy cause. We tend to forget that our fishermen put themselves in very real danger every time they go out to sea. Without the dedication and hard work of these men, many of whom have a family history of fishing, we would be unable to enjoy cooking and eating the fantastic fish and seafood that they catch.