For what is believed to be the first time ever, a game of cricket will take place on the Padstow Town Sand Bar from 2pm this Sunday 19th August.

Local teams will play two innings each for the amusement of the players and spectators, and to benefit the Fisherman’s Mission charity. The teams will play on a special cricket pitch on loan from the Cornish Cricket Company, using cricket bats and balls suitable for sand cricket.

The winning team will be presented with the Atkinson Trophy, made by Jo Downs glass. The trophy is dedicated to Rob Atkinson who was the Padstow Harbour Master until his untimely death earlier this year.

The Padstow Town Sand Bar sits between Padstow and Rock and is visible at low tide. Teams and officials will be taken out to the Bar by the Padstow to Rock ferry, which will have a short break in service to assist.

Cricket on the Bar

The event is being sponsored by Padstow Brewing Co, who will run a bar on the quay for spectators. All profits from the bar will be donated to the charity.

Caron Archer, Head Brewster and co-founder of the brewery, said “We try and support the town whenever we can, and this charity is an important one for Padstow’s working fishermen. August is a very busy time for us, but we can still have some fun.”

Julian Waring Regional Fundraising Manager said “This is going to be a hugely enjoyable spectacle, and we are delighted to be the beneficiary of this fantastic event.”

To watch the game there will be plenty of space on Padstow’s North Quay, as well as other vantage points from the harbour and around the town. The bar opens at 12pm, the game will start around 2pm, and go on until about 6pm.