“During what has been the most difficult and sad time for us, the Fishermen’s Mission has been our lifeline. Not only for sourcing financial support but for emotional support too. Both Chrissy and Andrew have always shown kindness and compassion every step of the way. We are so incredibly grateful to them, and I know Owen would be too.”

Owen Davies was a Bass fisherman working out of Bury Port, South Wales. In 2019 he was diagnosed with cancer. Here, his wife Alison, remembers her husband and the help the Fishermen’s Mission gave her.

“Owen was a dedicated family man, a hands-on dad. He loved spending time with our twins, Scarlett and Dillon, and was a very supportive stepdad to Ryan.

“After his cancer diagnosis, Owen was unable to work and following
a recommendation, he contacted the Fishermen’s Mission. Chrissy King, the former Fishermen’s Mission Port Officer for this area, met with Owen and obtained grant funding to support our family. More importantly, Chrissy provided regular emotional support, building a trusting relationship. This meant so much to us – having someone to talk with at such a difficult time.

“In 2021 we enjoyed a wonderful family holiday facilitated by the Fishermen’s Mission and funded by the Sailors’ Children’s Society. This is such a special memory as Owen died unexpectedly of sepsis in January 2022.

“Once again, the Fishermen’s Mission was our lifeline. The new Mission Area Officer, Andrew Tait, was soon in contact with advice and support. Andrew sourced funding to help with funeral costs and to pay off some
outstanding debts, which took a huge weight off my shoulders.

“At a time of such deep sadness, anxiety about our financial future was always at the forefront of my mind.
The Fishermen’s Mission once again facilitated funding with a monthly grant for our children which really is life-changing for us as a family. It means the children can still enjoy extracurricular activities such as Guides, Cubs, etc. and allows Ryan’s studies at university to continue. It also helps cover essential costs and enables us to have quality family time together as we recover from losing Owen.

“We are all so grateful for the wonderful support from the Fishermen’s Mission. They have provided hope for our future, and I really don’t know where we would be without them.”